Nyíracsád, may 2015

Workshop in Hungary 11.5.-15.5. 2015

The Third meeting of Seek and Find Nature was held in Nyíracsád in Hungary.

On Monday morning 16 foreign students and 10 foreign teachers met their Hungarian partners. During the morning the headmaster of the school and her teachers greeted the guests in the school. Then students and teachers who take part in this project visited the village. We saw the three churches and the Mill Gallery. In the afternoon everybody walked to our leisure park and sports field outside the village. We saw a show: archery on horses and students could try it. Then we saw an open-air theatre performance of Hungarian students about animals in the Guth. This play was written directly about the life of animals in the forest around the village.

On Tuesday morning there was a joint-teaching lesson in the school led by Nagyné Lakatos Szilvia, the Hungarian teacher and Vicente Parades the Spanish teacher. Students examined owl pellets they collected the previous evening in the main square of the village. They tried to find what animals owls had eaten before. They had a test about it. Then we travelled to Guth. Students went by bikes, teachers by bus. There was a wonderful program for us.  Students and teachers travelled on carts in the forest and found the traces of animals. After lunch in the forest (made by foresters from vension) students watched a show of police dogs. Policemen showed how they protect the forest with dogs. In the afternoon there was a race in the forest. Students in mixed groups walked 10 kilometres and had different activities.

On Wednesday morning foreign and Hungarian students and teachers travelled to our first and biggest national park to Hortobágy. Students signed birds with rings, travelled by small trains in the ‘puszta’, took part in handicraft activities, visited the unique bird hospital. In the late afternoon they visited the closest town, Debrecen.

On Thursday there was an all-day trip to Budapest. Guests and hosts visited the most famous sights of our capital, even the Houses of Parliament inside. Students heard stories about the Margaret Island that used to be inhabited with hares.  They discussed how humans invaded nature long ago.

On Friday morning everybody travelled to Nyíregyháza. At first we visited the open-air-museum.  Everybody could experience how village people lived in the past. Students watched the different buildings where farmers used to keep animals. Then we went to the open-air zoo. There students had a test in groups about animals. They had their homework there. Each country has to make a poster about an animal symbolising the country. In the evening there was an unforgettable farewell party. Each host family, host teachers and guests took part in it at school. The host was the bishop, the boss of the school. Guests could listen to zither music, and could learn Hungarian folk dances. We said goodbye at the party and the next morning guests travelled home with nice memories.