Bogen, october 2015

05.10.15: Getting to know the school. Exploring Bogen’s Europe Park (created in cooperation with the Czech town of Slavonice). Taking water samples from the pond for microscopic examination. Exploring Bogenberg Hill. Getting to know the local museum: pilgrimage, history of local costumes and local economy and folk traditions. Visiting Pilgrimage Church.

06.10.15: Folk dance workshop at school. School celebration: Veit-Höser-Gymnasium welcomes guests, musical, theatrical and dance contributions by VHG and by guests. Exploring historical Straubing (neighbouring town), watchtower tour.

07.10.15: Microscopic examination of microorganisms (cf. 05.10.) in joint-teaching biology lesson (Germany – Slovenia). Workshop on English Internet project and e-Twinning. Leaving for Bavarian Forest. Visiting the ‘Crystal Barn’ with its presentation of forest folklore and the legendary “forest prophet” Mühlhiasl. Arrival at Finsterau Youth Hostel. Guided tour of Finsterau open-air Bavarian Forest Museum.

08.10.15: Exploring the Bavarian Forest National Park: animal enclosures, tree-top walk, National Park Centre.

09.10.15: Forest walk. Climbing up Siebensteinkopf Mountain: getting to know destruction and revival of the forest. Return to Bogen
Video by Enrique Santiago (Spanish student)