Kesälahti, october 2014

Transnational meeting in Finland

The first project meeting was held 6.-10.10. 2014 in Kesalahti, Finland.  The meeting was a kick-off meeting for our new project “Seek and Find Nature” funded by CIMO. Teachers from all of the partner schools participated the meeting. 
To promote use of eTwinning, the week started by eTwinning course for teachers.  eTwinning page for  Seek and Find Nature was created in Twinspace – it’s intended to take in active use.
On Tuesday, we visited in Kitee upper secondary school and learned about Finnish school system. We had also an official project meeting in Kitee. We discussed the aims of the project, set targets and agreed on practical issues and the pedagogical aims of the project.
We visited Koli national park as an introduction to the theme of the meeting “Tree Story” on Wednesday. On Thursdays, Finnish students started to create “Tree Story”, a story about experiences of logs which were used in the walls of an old smoke cabin located in the outdoor musem of Kesalahti. The smoke cabin was built 1725, and according to a dendrological dating the trees started to grow in the 15th century.

The basic aim is that the students will write and illustrate stories about the experiences of the logs since the trees started to grow (600 years ago). Before the writing process, the students participate lessons of different school subjects (e.g. biology, history,) supporting the learning and writing. In this way, we promote the use interdisciplinary approach to teaching.

After visiting the outdoor museum with 4th and 7th graders, the students started to focus on the tree story.  The students and teachers of the partner school followed biology and history lessons and they started to gather information for writing.  Tree Story was given to the partner schools as home works – all of the partners schools arrange interdisciplinary teaching and write own tree story of their countries.
On Friday,  we followed a tree story performance, which all of the students from Kesalahti schools participated. Further, the teachers followed lessons and a documentary movie about Saimaa seal, a species which has become almost extinct.

The week ended after visiting wood art exhibition “Wooden Soul” and having dinner there.
by Jouni Ahlhlom (Finland teacher)
Video by Vicente Valero (Spanish teacher)